Sunday, March 3, 2013


I have a temper.

It is horribly volatile and, sometimes, violent. It is often ridiculous and, at times, absolutely terrifying.

Anyone who knows me, knows that.

They also know that I struggle mightily to control it. Well, rather, they know that it is incredibly difficult for me to control it. But perhaps they do not realize just how successful I am in not letting it control me.

And for some reason, there are those few in my life who seem hellbent on tempting this temper.

And then marvel at the fact that I get mad, every single time. I am nothing if not consistent.

The Boy is just as consistent.

I'd rather you argue with me or even tell me to fuck off than to lie to me.

There is very little that enrages me more than to be lied to.


  1. I agree with your summation, nothing disturbs me more, or makes me more mistrusting of a person than to catch them in even one lie. Much like mice, one means there are more in hiding. What needs to be determined is why.

  2. The Boy at least keeps it simple. He lies to cover his ass.

  3. Sounds pretty normal to me, but it sure can be infuriating as a parent! I would so much rather one of my children admit to something than is going to displease me than to lie to me to try to hide it, that's a double crime and I don't take to lying well, sounds like you don't either! :-)

  4. I used to have a terrible temper, kicking holes in walls, throwing things, breaking things, slamming doors, etc. I still get made occasionally but not much anymore. Less stress in my life, more peace, I also realized that a lot of my anger was actually grief and sadness. That being said, yesterday I wanted to rip the head off of two of my co-workers. I'm a work in progress. Aren't we all?

    1. Goodness knows I am. I struggle to contain my temper, and you are right, most of it stems from grief and sadness.