Thursday, February 28, 2013


"Better to happen to you, than to me."

Who the fuck says that?

Certainly one might say "better you than me" when speaking to someone who got stuck having to stop for gas in the rain, or who has to deal with some dipshit for just a bit.

But to look at your spouse when they are in physical pain and say, "better to happen to you, than to me," is just a fucked up thing.

Of course I've done plenty of fucked up things so I can hardly judge anyone else.

But I can't help but be hurt.


  1. I think such a remark speaks volumes. It has the same flavor as remarks I endured for years and years before I decided I that I was worth something more.

  2. Wow. Pretty harsh. I'd make sure that he/she was on their knees groveling for WEEKS over that. Maybe it was sort of a lame joke?

  3. Oh how I wish he had been joking! Nope, he meant it exactly as he said it, AND somehow failed to understand why such a remark felt like a smack in the face. He's certainly a strange one. I think his emotional growth was severely stunted at some point along the way. Or he's just an asshole, but he's really too good to me for me to chalk it up solely as an asshole thing.

  4. I agree that if this is out of character for him, it sounds like he just didn't realize how caustic and hurtful such a remark would be. Hopefully he will think twice about such comments before making them in the future! I think that 98% of all men have a pecentage of asshole characteristics in their personalities, this time around (but not in the last three) I have been blessed to find one who truly doesn't.