Saturday, January 12, 2013


I don't write anymore.

It's not that I've made the conscious choice not to. I just don't.

I don't spend that much time living in my own head. We miss out on an awful lot of living when we live locked away in our own minds.

I should, but I must hide to write. Be alone with that quiet voice murmuring within.


Work is a fabulous distraction.

It requires my focus. Every single minute.

By the time I've processed so much, I'm exhausted. I'm not ready for visitors at that point, especially if the visitor is me. I just want to shut down.

I not sure what I'm trying to prove.


I wonder sometimes if I'm supposed to hide away, in a cabin by the creek.

I know that I am. There is no doubt.

One day, when I've experienced more and know how the ending feels. Meanwhile I scribble sporadically and I wait.

Until Forever.


  1. I am always surprised at how easily I slip into hermitude.I was alone for about a week and by day 3, I had settled in nicely.

    I think that I am meant to be a hermit sometimes.

    1. I think it would be very easy for me to become a hermit. For all that I love them, and am fascianted by them, I am dreadfully uncomfortable around people.

  2. Alice! I had come to think that you had stopped writing for good! Only when I saw your posting on Maria's blog did I realize that you were on your blog again. Sounds like it is not what you want and need right now. I want you to know, though, that I have thought of you often, and have missed you. Should I check once in a while? If there is a chance that you will post, I will wait.

    1. Oh Kate! I was so relieved to find you well! I was unnerved when I discovered when I popped in once that you had shut your blog down. I have thought of you often, hoping you were well. Yes, I believe I may stay around for a bit. I haven't seriously written in years, but I miss it terribly. I often begin to lose sight of myself when I go for too long without writing. I begin to panic thinking I'm losing that "thing", whatever it is that makes me me. That fear is usually enough to push me back into it before I give up completely. ;-)

      The trick, as you and Maria both know so well, is finding the time to devote when we have so many other obligations and responsibilities. I've decided I should make it a priority, for me.