Tuesday, May 8, 2012

contents under pressure

It occurs to me that perhaps I should include a warning label for recent posts and probably the ones still to come over the next week.

I hate to be the mopey, whiny, wallower.

Contrary to how it may seem, I'm not wallowing. I'm just releasing the tension, loosening the valve a bit.

I keep all these things - this anger and hurt and hate and love - bottled up, pouring more and more into the bottle until it overflows.

I should come with a warning label. Contents Under Pressure! Much like a soda bottle that has been shaken vigorously.

So I release the lid slowly.

I carefully remove a few ounces, examine it closely, rolling it around in my mind. I immerse myself in it, allowing it to flow over me as I experience every last drop. And then I rinse it down the drain, making room.

Writing allows me to do that.

I can never seem to empty the bottle, but at least this way I can keep it from spewing all over the room, making a sticky mess of everything.

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