Thursday, December 31, 2009

making my list, checking it twice

It's the last night of the year and I'm laid up on my couch with the cold from hell so I decided to take a look back at this time last year to see if I'd made any resolutions.

Nope...I never do. But I did have a short list of things I'd like to accomplish. I wonder how I did with that.

* Complete the EMT-Basic course and pass the state certification the FIRST time. I've heard that a lot of folks fail the first time but I refuse to be one of them.

CHECK! Not only did I finish with the highest average in the class, but I also had the highest score on the state test. Yay me! I've also started working as an EMT for a local service and am loving it!

* Make myself go to church EVERY Sunday (unless of course I'm sick.) As much as I enjoy going and even miss it when I don't go, I still find excuses to to go about once a month.

CHECK! Ok, I had a lot of help with this one. I started teaching one of the adult Sunday School classes and I'm pretty sure one of the main reasons they wanted me to teach was to help ensure my regular attendance!

* Blog on a more regular basis. I've gotten slack in my blogging, primarily because my mind has been filled with shit not fit to see the light of day. I have this wonderful outlet, I need to use it. Of course, this may mean that I ramble even more.

Ok, so I didn't really accomplish this one at all. Again, most of the crap that floats around in my brain isn't fit to see the light of day. Plus there are a handful of people in my life who know about this blog and yes, it does make me a bit more reserved about what I share.

* Get my teeth fixed. My teeth are a nightmare and in major need of some extensive dental work. I have dental insurance, but I'm a complete wimp when it comes to having dental work done and I'm too cheap to spend the money. I have a hard time justifying it as a necessary expense if the tooth isn't hurting.

Um, yea. I haven't taken the first step towards taking care of this one. I guess this is one that needs to be moved to the top of my list for 2010.

Let's see...what else needs to be on that list?

* Stop procrastinating so much! I always find myself behind the eight ball because I put everything off until the last minute. I really need to start trying to tackle things immediately and not let them all pile up. This goes for crap at work, laundry, chores, social obligations, etc.

* Take better care of myself...meaning at least eating better and taking vitamins. Surely I can manage that. Maybe.

On that note, I've just finished a huge glass of orange juice and am pretty sure it's time for some chocolate! ;-)


  1. Good luck with the list! I did most of mine last year, except for the ones concerning writing. Better luck to us both this year.

  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  3. Zowie! This is a big ol' list. I hope you're leaving yourself some time to rest.