Wednesday, October 28, 2009

don't close your eyes

They say that I must learn to separate myself from the human face of this job.

I say that if I ever get to the point I am no longer able to see that human face it is time for me to quit.

I guess that's how a lot of people deal with it though.

We find their bodies broken and bloody. We find them gasping for breath, their hearts too weak to beat. We hear the cries of their husbands and wives, their children, their parents.

We do what we can.

Some of us close our eyes, refusing to see past the flesh and bone. Some of us close our hearts, refusing to feel their pain.

But sometimes all we can do is care. What good are we to them if we lose that ability?

1 comment:

  1. None. I work in a helping field too.

    When I was in med school, one of the instructors told us that in order to be a good doctor, we had to distance ourselves from the person and focus on healing their body.