Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bless you, for it is spring

Spring has officially sprung here in the South, meaning the grass has turned a bright emerald green and everything else is budding and blooming in all shades of pink and yellow. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Of course that also means that everyone mowed their grass yesterday. Add that to the pollen dripping from the trees and ACHHOOOO!!

It's a small price to pay for bright sunny days. We need to enjoy them while we can. By the end of next month it will be hot as Hades and everything that's now bright and splendid will start to wither in the baking sun.

If I wasn't so slack I'd post some pictures.


  1. Oh, I love spring in the South. It's so pretty. We have wildflowers all over the place in the front yard, and it's so awesome. Unfortunately, in about three days the city is going to drive over in their fancy little truck and order us to cut them all down. *Sigh* Ah, well, I have pictures...

  2. Well, Neato Mosquito. Hmph. It is still cold and miserable in Utah. I am sticking out my tongue at you.