Friday, May 2, 2008

responding to insistant anxiety

**Distracted by a commercial for one of those rip-you-off places...greedy ass fucks trying to sell the American Dream. It's a damn shame so much of it has already been bought.**

ANYWAY, before I became distracted, I was thinking about how anxious I am most every minute of most every day.

And then I thought of how most psych theories considered perpetual anxiety, or a frequent anxiety over impending doom and destruction, as a form or symptom of mental illness, depending upon its severity.

I am certainly no expert, but it seems to me a perfectly natural, and even logical reaction for man to be anxious.

I mean damn! I think most of us figured out a long time ago that we can be snuffed out at any time, and let's face it, as the world around us continues to deteriorate, the likelihood of that happening increases dramatically.

My Lord, have you paid much attention to the current state of affairs on this continent and around the world? No wonder we're all so damn anxious!

Case in point...earlier today there was a whole host of problems with various cell phone carriers and Internet providers in the area. Yes, I admit, I had a rapid succession of thoughts: falling satellites, nuclear shock waves, plagues from God, massive explosions, horrific crashes. It was a succession of fleeting moments, but I was able to keep my wits about me enough to dismiss such drastic fears until I could confirm my family was immediately safe from imminent doom.

Truly, how many of us have those terrifying thoughts during our lives? Certainly some of us have more such thoughts than others, and many are even cripples by them, yet anxiety seems such a normal response for man.

Increased levels of anxiety are certainly to be expected when we feel threatened. It's one of those natural instincts, an automatic response, triggering the fight or flight response. If you believe in God, you most likely believe God equipped us with those instincts and probably allow that we were blessed with those instincts for a purpose.

The difficult thing is to determine whether those panic alarms you hear are a figment of some mental imbalance or a cry for help from the Heavens.

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