Friday, May 30, 2008

Reflections from 5/16/08

We change so much over the course of our lives, yet somehow we manage to stay the same.

I remember the person I was six years ago, who I was sixteen years ago, when we first met. (My God, has it been that long?) How vivid remain the emotions that kept me awake throughout the nights then, the course of my thoughts at that time still remarkably clear.

I would like to think I have become wiser and somehow, a better person, yet by most measures, I have remained the same and I find that somewhat comforting.

Would he recognize me if he were to see me now? Yes, undoubtedly. But would he like who I've become?

If he were to meet me today, with no memory of who I used to be, would he love me just the same?

Yes, I believe he would. So I must not have changed that much.

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