Thursday, May 15, 2008

the man said freedom is slavery...OR...sheeple

Orwell that is.

In Elsie Venner Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, "Liberty is often a heavy burden on a man. It involves that necessity for perpetual choice which is the kind of labor men have always dreaded."

The people give away their freedoms to the government, in exchange for reducing their responsibility. They give it to the churches in exchange for their salvation. The churches give it to the government in exchange for power. The various levels of government then shuffles their liberties and responsibilities to other branches of the government or incredibly, even to outside, foreign governments.

Yes, the government knows best. You need the government to tell you who you can marry and where and how you will educate your children. You need the government telling your doctor exactly what treatments are suitable for your condition. You need the government to tell you how many acres of tobacco you can grow. You need the government telling you how you should and must spend your money.

That sounds ludicrous! Yet, so many people believe these things! They have been conditioned to believe they are incapable of making those choices. And it all began when folks decided they really didn't want to have to make those decisions and allowed someone else to make those choices for them.

Sheeple. A great big thundering herd of sheeple. It's a damn shame when liberty becomes a burden too heavy for a man to carry.


  1. So, is "sheeple" your own term? Can I use it without paying you any royalties?

  2. LOL ya know, I'm not quite sure where the term "sheeple" came from. I can hardly believe something that clever is my own, I'm sure I unknowingly ripped it off from someone and I haven't yet been sued for copyright infringement or anything so I'd say it's fair game...It just fits so perfectly!

  3. Don't forget how much you will give up to the government so they will protect you from hurricanes and terrorism and such.

    Because only the government can provide security.