Thursday, May 29, 2008

how much sleep is adequate?

I managed to avoid the temptation of crawling back into bed today. It was hard. The weather was dreary, the wind rather chilly and it lightly rained most of the day. It was a good day for napping.

Instead, I got dressed, went to the bank and drove into the city to secure a regular freelance gig with the daily paper there. While I was out, I stopped in to catch up with some folks.

This evening, I cooked dinner, if you can call it that when you primarily use the microwave and only use the stove to boil to cups of water. I suppose I should really call it nuking dinner. I read for a bit.

And now, when I really want to be writing, I'm friggin' tired and ready to go to bed. Screw it, tomorrow I'm sleeping in. I'm more productive when I sleep half the damn day.

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