Tuesday, April 15, 2008

there's always a catch

I have never been able to reconcile the very core of my entire belief system with a school of thought predominant in the study of psychology.

I am referring, of course, to the school which determines the "insanity" of an individual, in part, on whether or not they feel God has a purpose for them.

No wonder people are so fucked up! Damn psychologists running around here making folks feel like sociopaths because they believe God has a higher purpose for them.

Many would indeed believe it to require a touch of madness to believe so strongly in something that radiates from within your own heart.

It seems to me a given that, of course there is a purpose for us, why else would we exist? If we are to believe in our own existence we must also accept the purpose that existence fulfills, even if that purpose remains unknown.

And if some one's purpose is illuminated before them, who are we to tell them they're crazy?

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  1. I think that, if Jesus were in the world today, we'd have locked him up in the state hospital.