Monday, December 31, 2007


I'm sitting in my new sitting room/office, admiring the results of a hard day's work. I think I have a comfy, damn near elegant retreat now.

I've actually been working all weekend. Yesterday and Friday I performed a major organizing miracle in my master bathroom and closet.

Today I swapped the master bedroom and sitting room. There is still one wall of my bedroom lined with books, notebooks and various miscellaneous piles. There is also one corner still cluttered with two small file cabinets and a few more piles.

The bulk of the heavy duty work is done, now I have only to sort through the piles and find a place for everything I don't simply trash.

It feels good, almost like I've finally come home. Now maybe I'll crawl out of my hole a bit.

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  1. happy new year, alice. hope you've had peaceful and joyful holidays.