Thursday, November 8, 2007

how a song helped the paper keep its editor

I was driving into the office one morning, the windows rolled down, enjoying the crisp fall air. It was a normal trip to town, slowing down for suicidal deer along the road and offering a cordial raise of the coffee cup to the farmers along the way.

I had spent several long months debating whether I should simply quit my job, after a long line of unethical and highly immoral moves by the company. I kept coming back to all the phone calls and thank you notes I've received from readers over the years, but still I wavered between the obligation I feel to my readers, the community and my disgust for the corporation that signs my paycheck.

I was flipping through the radio station and heard this song. I haven't looked for a job since, although I have been approached by a few promising opportunities.

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  1. I love this song. I can definitely see where it could have that affect on you. I don't think any thing is truer than the fact that everydone does die famous in a small town.