Thursday, October 4, 2007

sixth grade hero

The Boy handed out his first black eye today, and yes, I am proud.

The other kid had it coming — little shit is always going around pushing and shoving people, popping them in the back of the head, tearing up their stuff.

It is important to note that The Boy, being rather small compared to most of his peers, has frequently been at the mercy of other, larger jackass little boys who like to push and shove and pop people in the back of the head. He's never really bothered to defend himself, figuring the bigger kid could do some major damage.

Today was the day The Boy decided he was tired of getting pushed around.

Two classes of kids were walking laps around the field in PE class this morning when this kid walks up and punches The Boy in the back. IN THE BACK!! How shitty is it to punch somebody in the back?!

The Boy turns around, tells the kid to "back off" and keeps walking.

The little shit punches him in the back again!

The Boy stopped, turned around, punched the little shit right in the face and kept walking.

"I was aiming for his nose, but I missed and hit him in the eye," The Boy explained sheepishly. "I was waiting to see if his nose would start bleeding, but it didn't. His eyes got real watery though."

Hahaha. I'm sorry, call me barbaric, but I love it!

A lot of the other kids who are always being hassled by the little shit cheered The Boy's stand.

The kid came up to him later in the locker room and just stood there looking at him.

"What," The Boy demanded. The little shit just turned and walked away.

Way to go Boy! No, you should never be the first one to throw a punch and you should never hit a girl, but just because you're one of the good guys doesn't mean you have to take any shit off anybody! I was so proud of him for standing up for himself and even more proud of the fact that he remained in control of his temper, even when hauling off and knocking the shit out of some guy! If it had been me, or his daddy, we would have flown hot and beat the snot out of the little shit. Not my Boy, he just pops him one good time and walks away.

I asked him if his knees were knocking as he did.

The teachers didn't see it so he hasn't gotten in trouble for it yet but everyone was talking about the little shit's black eye for the rest of the day and I figure his mom will certainly want to know what happened. I almost expect a phone call from the principal tomorrow.

I just hope The Boy doesn't get his ass kicked tomorrow.

But, at least he got to be the hero of sixth grade today!


  1. That's awesome. He's a hero - that kind of bully NEEDS to be hit. And it's possible he won't spill the beans about who did it.

  2. Kate beat me too it...awesome! The Boy sounds calm and collected beyond his years.

  3. Sometimes you just have to throw that punch. Good for him!