Sunday, October 14, 2007

puppy love

I had one of the best "aww" moments of motherhood Friday afternoon.

"So, um, there's this girl at school who likes me," The Boy told me after I picked him up from school.

"How do you know she likes you," I asked.

"She wrote me a note, see," he responded, digging the note out of the pocket of his jeans and handing it to me.

So the child who will not bring home letters from the PTA allowed me to read the very first "I like you, do you like me" note from a little girl. I was beyond touched!

The Boy went on to tell me all about the girl — they are in most of the same classes, eat lunch together everyday and she apparently has a way of waving while offering a bright smile and quiet "hi" that my son thinks is extremely cute.

"Uh oh," I responded when he told me about another little boy who hangs out with them.

"What," The Boy demanded.

"Oh nothing," I said quickly, not wanting to ruin The Boy's moment.

"No, if you know something you need to tell me so I'll be prepared," The Boy insisted.

I asked if the other little boy liked her too, mentioning that, if so, the little girl may change her mind often about who she liked.

"No, he likes her best friend, and besides, she's not that kind of girl," The Boy replied confidently.

He grinned and turned bright red when he admitted that yes, he liked her too.

"So does this mean you have a girlfriend," I asked innocently.

"Yes I think so, but I haven't told her I liked her back yet."

"Oh I told her I read the note," he responded to my questioning. "I just said that she didn't have to write it down, she could have just told me, but she said she was scared I wouldn't want to be her friend anymore if I knew she liked me."

And so it begins. I hope she doesn't break his heart any time soon.

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