Sunday, October 7, 2007


My Momma has me hooked on eBay.

It all began innocently enough as she asked me to look at a few items she was watching for Christmas presents for the family.

Then I discovered they had quilt squares. It didn't take me much longer to discover that they had pretty much anything one could ever want. I've now purchased two sets of quilt squares, a set of Rosary beads, an old photo for my Momma and, at the moment, am closely watching an old twist cookie press for my Granny.

I won't even try to describe all the items currently on my "watch list". No wonder Momma spends so much time on eBay!


  1. My sister is addicted to e-bay. I haven't even looked at it. I'm skeered.

  2. yeah, also try to stay away from the amazon one-click program. very very bad. one click and boom! it's like nothing happened! no sin committed! then, a few days later, surprise! a book in the mail!! there's no guilt at all until your credit card bill comes.