Friday, October 19, 2007

Five things

Kate has tagged me to reveal five here we go...

5 things found in my room:

1) A bayonet from an old German rifle that my mom bought The Boy at an auction. It was confiscated immediately under the general, all-purpose "you'll put your eye out with that thing" umbrella.

2) A Red Rider BB shotgun and a seemingly endless supply of BBs (in my room for the same reason as #1)

3) My grandfather's riot stick from his days on patrol in the police department. It is now affectionately known as my "booger bopper" and lives by my bed, should someone make it past the three dogs. (I suppose #1 and #2 could always serve as back-up.)

4) An old Army trunk that has been spray-painted matte black and marbleized silver filled memories of my first husband to pass on to The Boy when he is older.

5) My super comfy bed with it's super soft sheets, a mountain of pillows and a cheap Wal-Trap comforter. (I love my bed!!)

5 things I've always wanted to do:

1) Go to college.

2) Work as a counselor. (which explains #1)

3) Be a stay-at-home mom who cooks supper every night watches the Price is Right on TV every morning.

4) Go skinny-dipping. I don't really know why, it just seems like fun.

5) Make homemade bread. (sheesh, I'm so simple)

5 things in my bag: (yes, I cram a lot of stuff into a pocketbook)

1) A quick reference guide of important "who to call, what to do and what not to do" tips for reporters covering bio-hazard, pandemic and terrorism emergencies.

2) A digital camera, complete with case and back-up battery and a super slim notebook.

3) Various cords, including the charger for my iPod, an adapter for my cell phone charger and a USB cord for God only knows what.

4) Three tubes of chapstick (along with two tubes of barely tinted lip gloss and a compact, none of which I ever use, but as a woman, I have this overwhelming compulsion to keep them in my purse.)

5) A large bottle of ibuprofen because I have a husband, a son and a job.

5 things found in my wallet:

1) Newspaper clippings (one is the obituary of a friend who died nine years ago, the other is my parents' wedding announcement.)

2) A certified copy of my birth certificate (I'm thinking I need to put this somewhere safer, but every time I put something up so I won't lose it, I can't find it.)

3) My checkbook, check register, savings account register, my son's savings account register, and a handful of debit card receipts.

4) A piece of paper with a list of super important numbers in case my cell phone decides to act stupid.

5) A key to police-issue handcuffs (don't even ask!)

5 things I’m currently into:

1) eBay!! My checking account has my mother to thank for that one.

2) Speech and debate. I'm leading a 4-H club on communications trying to fill in the gaps left by the local school system.

3) Word Whomp! This is a highly addictive game at that my husband and I play every night and yes, we have both been shouting out words in our sleep!

4) Country music. I was raised on good old rock-n-roll, but find myself listening to mostly country stations now.

5) Baby clothes, baby toys, baby blankets, baby shower decorations and nursing gowns. My best friend is having a baby soon and I'm on a baby kick. After looking at nursing gowns for her, I've decided I need one just because they look so comfortable.

Now according to the rules, I'm supposed to tag five other people for this, but I'm going to break the rules and advise anyone reading this to give us a glimpse into their five things.

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