Monday, October 1, 2007


Why are hair salons never open on Monday? I wanted to get my hair cut, but the one girl around here I trust with scissors is off on Mondays. *sigh* Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until later in the week.

I wonder if all women chop their hair off when making life-altering decisions.

My hair is currently extremely long, all one length and THICK!! By the end of the week, it will most likely be shoulder length and in layers. It's just time for a change.

I am hoping that since sitting on my butt at home no longer looks like a viable possibility that there will be a change of careers in my near future. I've applied for an executive director position with a local non-profit operated by member churches. The position seems like an answer to a prayer.

Everyone keeps asking me what will happen to the paper if I leave, but honestly, I no longer care. I hate to disappoint my readers, but I refuse to continue compromising my principles by working for such a slimy company.

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  1. Cutting my hair was the best thing I ever did. I used to wear it in a long braid down my back and one day, just got sick of it. I took a picture of Halle Berry into my hair dresser (a wonderful black woman who boasts that I am the only white woman whose hair she will cut!) and she thought I could pull it off so she cut it exactly like hers.

    I felt about twenty years younger and a lot cooler.....