Sunday, September 23, 2007

stubborn ass

I've always been a stubborn ass and seem to insist on learning things the hard way so it really shouldn't surprise me that The Boy is the same way.

He's only been back in school four or five weeks and is already grounded for having a 'D' average in social studies. His teacher says he would have an easy 'A' in that class if he would just do the work. Of course, making matters worse, The Boy tried to delay my knowledge of the matter by not giving me the note the teacher sent. Luckily, the teacher sent me an email the next day when she The Boy couldn't produce a signed copy.

It reminds me so much of all those report cards I brought home with notes about how "she is a gifted child but is not working up to her full potential."

Like me, The Boy is stubborn and hasn't yet been presented with a good enough reason to "waste his time" doing things that he "doesn't want to do". He's willing to take the bad grade, willing to take the consequences of losing privileges and being assigned extra chores. Incentive programs are not enough to encourage him to do the work required of all the other students.

I keep trying to tell him that yes, homework is intended to offer a review and practice of material gone over in class, but it is also intended to encourage him to develop a good work ethic, which will be crucial to his survival after "leaving the nest".

Eh, he shrugs it off. He's not much concerned about it. I hope it doesn't end up biting him in the ass too hard.

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  1. Ah. I have the opposite problem with Liv. If she even gets ONE word wrong on her spelling test, she freaks out.

    She agonizes over her homework, has me check it not once, but twice.

    But...I dunno. I think your problem would be harder to deal with.

    You say you were the same and it looks to me as if you turned out just fine....