Monday, September 24, 2007


Every now and then God reveals, in perfect clarity, some of the intricacies of His plan.

I am left in awe by these revelations. I marvel at the intricate pattern the Maker has created — the delicate interweaving of ourselves with others and the enormous impact seemingly "chance" encounters can have on our being.

There are many intersections, parallel points and blind curves along our path.

Most of us constantly question God's will — seeking clarification on the message and the means, longing to know the intent.

We beg for God to "cut us a break" and pray for what we believe we need for eternal bliss. The Rolling Stones would tell you, "you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need."

Even a bunch of old rockers know the deal — there are times in our lives when it seems as though our prayers go unanswered, but sometimes unanswered prayers are just God knowing best, and sometimes He humbles us by revealing the sheer mastery of His plan.

This can all be extremely difficult to remember when we're in the midst of all life's bullshit or sinking in utter desolation and feel like we just need a break from the whole damn thing. It is especially during these times that we must cling to the hope left with us during these moments of revelation.

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  1. Ah...I'm not a big believer in God weaving a path for us. I sort of buy into the clock winder god theory. That an entity set things in motion and then left us to deal with things.

    I do respect your views, though...just can't really see them this way.