Monday, September 24, 2007

bitter truth

One cannot accept the existence of God without also facing a bitter truth...

The existence of God, and the acceptance of that existence do not erase human suffering.

I have screamed to the Heavens, cursing my God for allowing His children to endure such heartache and begged Him to allow me to understand His purpose behind it.

There are those who say we brought such suffering upon ourselves. Some say that our suffering is a test of our faith, or the path to enlightenment. We are reminded during these times that it is "God's will" but rarely is the righteousness of that will apparent to us.

Perhaps The Boy had the best answer to why a loving God would allow such horrible things to happen.

"Maybe He figures we need to experience the same kind of suffering Christ did in order to appreciate Heaven," The Boy explained from the back seat of the car.

A year after The Boy, who was also not raised in the church, shared such insight, I begin to read Mother Teresa — Come Be My Light, which is a collection of her personal writings that reveal the dark night of her soul.


  1. I have heard that her writings are very inspirational.

  2. Wow! That was an amazing, perceptive comment from your son!