Thursday, August 16, 2007


So I'm killing some time at work the other day, checking out some of my favorite blogs when I spot this list...8 Random Facts About Me...perfect! Everyone loves a good list. Maybe the attraction is that lists are one of the tools we use to try to bring some semblance of order to our lives...list of classes taken, list of jobs, wine list, list of ice cream flavors, a list of pros and cons, list your favorites.

I got to the end of the list and discovered its author, that Foul Bastard David, had politely requested I share 8 Random Facts About Me!

Hmm, this could be dangerous, or at least incredibly boring for others to endure, but here we go...

8 Random Facts About Me

1) I can't stand to have my feet touched! Please don't rub, caress, kiss or tickle the toes or feet. In fact, don't even look at them! To help prevent you from looking at them, or being tempted to breathe near them, I will keep them covered in socks most of the time. I will sleep in socks. I will even carry socks in my purse if I happen to be wearing sandals to the doctor's office. Oh and I should point out, it's not just my feet, I pretty much don't like feet in general so please don't shove them in my face, ask me to touch them or expect me to stick my hand inside your dirty sock to unroll it. *shudder*

2) I once got swimmer's ear from spending an entire summer sitting in my bathtub, reading. (Incidentally it seems I also passed the time that summer "ooh-ooh-oohing" along to Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy". The lack of A/C sucked, but the accoustics in that bathroom were incredible!)

3) I have a complete lack of motivation...regarding pretty much everything. It's not that I don't have plenty of things I WANT to do, or would like to do, or NEED to do. I just have an extremely hard time making myself get off my ass to do any of them, even the things I WANT to do. Then I feel like crap for never really accomplishing anything.

4) I hate macaroni and cheese! I don't mean I prefer not to eat it, or it's not among my favorites. No, I HATE mac and cheese! It is one of the vilest dishes that ever came out of a box. (Ha, no, not even the homemade kind!) The mere smell of it makes my stomach recoil. Bleh! Even the thought of it makes my lip curl in disgust!

5) The only language I understand is English and I'll never claim to have a firm grasp of even that one. I have a vague, kinda sorta working knowledge of Spanish and Latin but modern computer code is gibberish and numbers aren't much better.

6) I have a tattoo that no one ever sees. (No, not there, or there....get your mind out of the gutter!) I have the word Eternity above a thin, black line that encircles the ring finger of my left hand. I've had it for about seven years now, but most people don't realize it's there because my wedding rings cover it. Every now and then the rings will shift and someone will catch a glimpse of the ink and ask me about it. It's actually a pretty crappy tattoo. I had such a hard time finding someone willing to do a tattoo on the hand, much less all the way around a finger, so I didn't really get to be picky about who did the damn thing. Doesn't much matter, it serves it's purpose.

7) I once walked back into Wally World and waited in line at the customer service desk to explain that I owed them money because a cashier had accidentally not charged me for a $40 item even though I had left the store with the item in my bag.

8) I can't sing (doesn't stop me when I'm alone), can't dance (doesn't stop me when I'm intoxicated), can't whistle or play an instrument and do not consider myself to be particularly entertaining. I have, however, been known to make my best friend shoot ham biscuit out of her nose. Ha! ;-) Now THAT's talent!

Alrighty then, there you have it, 8 Random Facts About Me! Woozles! But wait, apparently there are some sort of rules that go along with this list...I'm supposed to now politely request that 8 other people share random facts about themselves on their blogs. However, I'm not really sure why that has to be a rule, and while I was tickled someone would care to know 8 Random Facts About Me, I'd hate to make anyone else feel obligated to share, but I'm sure to enjoy reading any that should pop up on blogs I frequent. ;-)

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  1. Hmm..fear of mac and cheese? That sounds like there might be a story behind it?

    And, I love taking baths. In this shower society, it is rare to find someone who loves to take baths. My sister even had the nerve to tell me that it made her sick to think of me sitting in my own "dirty water."

    Ah..a nice soak. Nothing better.