Wednesday, August 22, 2007

how long is forever?

A very long time ago, or at least it was a long time ago in relation to the number of years I have been on this earth, I promised someone that I would love them forever.

He responded, in an almost sardonic manner, that forever is a long time.

Yes it is and yet somehow, forever doesn't always seem to last quite long enough. We are warned that nothing lasts forever and yet no one ever warned us that some things do.

My love for others for example, apparently does indeed last forever.

The problem with a love lasting forever, is that we don't and our circumstances don't, leaving us forever longing for that which didn't last long enough.

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  1. Once when I was at my child's swim practice I noticed that there was this janitor who cleaned the glass entrance doors every day. That man was ALWAYS smiling. So, one day I just asked him why he was always so happy.

    He said that he believed in living in the moment, that he had been cooped up in a bed for months recently and now he was up and getting around and hey, the sun was pretty and it felt good to be working.

    As cheesy as it sounds, I actually learned a good lesson from that guy.

    I think back to all those days that I had with Liv when she was toddler and I always felt so rushed and so tired. It never occurred to me that I would look back on those days with such joy. I wish I had dipped into them more, you know?