Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm not sure whether I am more hurt or grateful that my husband had very little to say about my blog after telling me a couple days ago he had "found" it.

I never really "hid" it. In fact, its existence has been common knowledge, it's even bookmarked in the browser, I just didn't bother extending an invitation. He said he was glad I had a place to "write things out". When I probed deeper about what he thought, he simply added it "wasn't a bad thing."

Now on one hand, I'm hurt that he's had nothing more to say about it. Yet on the other, I am almost grateful for his silence, as this blog has reminded me how much I love pouring out my heart under the cover of darkness.


  1. my boyfriend is the same way---i have LEFT HIM THE ADDRESS many times, but he doesn't even check it. it does really hurt.

    his answer is, some things between two people should be private. i'm like, hello!! i'm posting it on the internet!! this can offer you a window into my SOUL and you can't be bothered to READ it?!

    no dice. grr.

  2. I kept my blog a secret from my husband for a few months, until it got too hard to blog while he was in the shower or after he had gone to bed.

    He's a private person and doesn't approve of blogs.

    Since I 'fessed up, I tell him about things I learn from my blog-buddies; I tell him it's like pen-pals, only better. He just says, "I don't understand the attraction." He has never visited my blog. I'm cool with that, now that I've had a little time to think it over. I think I would write differently if I knew he was reading - he can be so critical of me sometimes. I like having a space all my own.

  3. Yea, see I'm kinda with Kate on this one...I'm suddenly very self-conscious of what I write, worrying how it may be taken or I'm trying to forget that he knows where to find it!! I kinda liked having my own little space so now I need to trick myself into believing I still do.

  4. But, ya, know, I can completely understand where moonrat is coming from..I mean, I'm pouring out my heart hear, you don't have anything else to say?

    Poor man, no wonder he never knows what the hell to do!

  5. My girl visited my blog just the once, but made no comment about it! I'm cool with that! :)