Monday, July 16, 2007


Yes, this "basket of food plan" could work well.

First we have to forget about the pack of cigarettes, eight cups of coffee and two Dr. Peppers I ingested today. Then we can applaud that I ate all my berries, grapes, and chicken salad although I didn't get around to the carrots or to the last minute banana thrown into the basket.

Later, I grabbed some oatmeal for dinner and I just finished munching on some ginger snaps.

Considering my normal Monday fare consists of a bag of McDonald's, a can of Chef Boyardee or a Mr. P's Pizza, I figure I did pretty well.

Damn shame I left my basket at the office.

Oh well, that just means there's already carrots, a banana and some oatmeal (that somehow I had the foresight to throw in the basket this morning) waiting for me tomorrow.

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