Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's been an interesting day.

With another deadline behind me, I took off to cover a talented local girl's performance at open mic night in a neighboring town. Since it didn't really get started until around 10, I had time for a couple of drinks. Live music, whiskey...good way to celebrate meeting a deadline! I finally know what it's like to go have a few drinks after work! (Well okay, I did go for drinks after a corporate meeting once.)

I'm starting to think I missed out on a lot of fun by starting a family so young.

Anyway, I finally get home around midnight to discover the cable on my laptop's charger is severed and now I'm in the mood to write.


Oh well. The red battery icon tells me "not tonight, go to bed."


  1. Huh. How did that happen? Did something drop onto it?

  2. Haha...actually it was caused by a labadoodle (part lab, part poodle) with separation anxiety that makes her nervously nibble. :D

  3. God knows I could do with a drink after work! Especially these days! Alas there's the 4.30am wake up to consider!!

  4. i'm curious... how young is too young?

    i think this is a really tough call, especially in our industry where it's make-it-young-or-give-up (well, i guess a lot of industries are like that, probably...). but it's a question i wrestle with all the time.