Sunday, July 15, 2007

takes a sip and grins

Hold on to your socks! I've discovered whiskey sours! This could be dangerous.

Ok, technically I think a friend of mine introduced me to them a while back, but I have just recently picked up on the convenience of the treat.

But Alice, you're a southern girl, how can whiskey sours be new to you?

Good question. I am indeed a southern girl, but hardly one of fine breeding. No, I'm more of the back woods kind of girl when it comes to my whiskey...give it to me straight, and if you've got it, I prefer the good ol' fashioned moonshine, although the early years really killed my taste for the stuff.

While I was in the kitchen, mixing up the concoction I hoped would send me into a dreamless sleep, I packed a basket of food to take with me to the office tomorrow. I was quite proud of myself for adhering to my new healthy guidelines, mostly, and packed blackberries (the biggest damn blackberries I've ever seen actually), blueberries (which the boy swears are sour, go figure), red grapes (notice all the dark fruits, they have a lot of cancer-fighting anthocyanins, which are strong antioxidants). Then, just for good measure, I threw in some carrots, veggie dip, chicken salad and sea salt pita chips. I wish I had remembered to get some celery, I might grab some in the morning. It's a shame green onions will chase everyone away, I love those.

Who knows, maybe it will be enough to offset all the caffiene and nicotine I will consume tomorrow. I wonder if whiskey, in moderation of course, has positive health benefits? *takes a sip and grins*


  1. Mouthwatering lunch you packed there! I've read somewhere about the antioxidants in dark fruits which suits me fine. I looooove breries and grapes.
    BTW how do you prepare the whiskey sours?

  2. so far, two shots of whiskey to 3.5 shots of sour mix...stir, add ice, a bit more whiskey if you're on #3 or #4 :D

  3. I can certainly hang with some moonshine. I've never tried a whiskey sour though. I like a nice Scotch, neat, with a side of club soda. Tequila kind of owns my soul though. Wow, that sounded really bad.

    Good going with the healthy eating! I know how hard this can be but I think the key is to stick with it long enough to start feeling better physically. Then you realize that you're eating because it will make you feel good rather than eating to be "healthy." Of course I still tend to forget this when presented with a box of cookies. :(

  4. Alice, and I come and have lunch with you? LOL!

  5. Obviously not only does whiskey have health benefits, but it is the only thing that is keeping some of us alive...! (Just kidding.) (I'm a gin drinker.)

    But on a serious note--I was really touched by your story about Charles and his daughter. Life hits so many people in so many difficult ways and the best we can really manage is to try to ease the blows for the people we happen to pass. You gave at least two great gifts.