Monday, July 16, 2007

opportunity looks as though I may very soon be presented with the ideal opportunity to finally go to college.

I'm almost afraid to put too much thought into it. Similar opportunities in the past have had damn near tragic outcomes so not only am I afraid to get my hopes up, I'm also terrified of what sort of fucked up curveball will be pitched in my direction.

The first plan I had for college was derailed by marriage, baby and epilepsy. Plans for various certifications fell through the cracks during the early years. There never seemed to be enough money, never seemed to be enough time. I even enrolled in a degree program once, but before I could register for class, the boy's daddy died. Didn't seem like a good time to start spending so much time studying.

So now, here I am again and I can't help but wonder what kind of fucked up shit is going to come along and blow it (myself included of course).

It looks as though there is a very real possibility I am going to be able to take some time off work, or at least work part time or do some freelance editing and the like on the side — which is going to free up some time for me to start working towards my degree without shirking my responsibilities as a parent. Meanwhile, I've stumbled across an excellent program offering just what I've been searching for. Hmm...This could go so wrong in so many ways!

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  1. Ooooorrr...this was the opportunity you were meant to take all along. Frankly, I think education gets more fun/interesting/rewarding the older I get. Finally old enough to appreciate it, maybe.