Sunday, July 8, 2007

get over it

Do we ever really get over it?

I imagine it depends on the type of event in question. I have certainly gotten over many of the events in my life, but the loss of someone you love?

How do you define getting over that loss?

Is it when they no longer frequently come to mind as you go about the daily business of living? Is it when their face is no longer so clear or when their faint voices can no longer be heard, just ahead? Is it when they stop appearing every so often in your dreams, visits so vivid waking is as wrenching as death?

If so, then getting over it sounds an awful lot like letting go. Plenty of folks would tell us that's the healthiest thing to do, but when someone becomes a part of your very being, can you ever truly let go without losing a vital part of yourself?


  1. I think we can not really let go of anything from your lives. It is just that the loss of "it" does not seem to hurt as much! The memories are always there. They are part of our being.

  2. I believe there is a way to let go and accept things as they are and be at complete peace. If you figure out how to do this before I do please let me know. ;)