Sunday, June 24, 2007


I need to quit putting it off and go see my family doctor and re-schedule the CT scan I've been avoiding for 6 months. He's gotten insistent, refusing to refill my Zoloft until I come in. I know he's right, and even more important, I know I won't really feel as though I know anything until I have the CT done.

I suppose knowing for certain will be much better than sitting here wondering, but I'd much prefer to simply hide in my bed.


  1. Go to the doctor. Even if there is nothing, you want to be sure. As to getting past things, I don't think anyone ever really does, but it's how well you fake it that really matters.

  2. Yeah, for sure knowing is better. If there's nothing then you'll feel better, if there's something then you'll know your back in the game, not just waiting around for more bad news. It won't get any easier by putting it off, uncertainty sucks like that, lord knows, but you do get better at dealing with it. :)

    All the best,