Sunday, June 3, 2007

who determines "fair"?

I can't help but throw myself a bit of a pity party.

It just all seems so fucking unfair!

Damn, a hysterectomy at the age of 26 was enough to make me feel pretty damn shitty about my womanhood, but this? This is just too much.

It seems so wrong to even consider allowing someone else into my life. I simply don't feel as though I have much left to offer and worry that what little do have will be robbed from me within a few years.

How unfair to ask anyone else to be a part of this! "Alrighty then, just so you know, I can't have kids...I have a potentially life-threatening condition that will probably bankrupt us, not to mention shorten my life span and oh, by the way, have I mentioned I've been mutilated and will most likely end up having my womanhood chopped away piece by piece until I lose all functionality?"

Talk about unfair! How in the hell can that ever be considered fair by anyone's "batshit insane" standards?

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