Friday, June 15, 2007

decisions and circumstances

Some of the simplest questions can indeed be the most complicated, as our minds struggle to transform the surge of emotions into words.

It is during these times I turn off my mind — block out the noisy distractions of this state of being they call "living" — and sit, quietly, waiting to hear the definitive direction of God.

"Why?" (Be careful this is always a loaded question.)

"Follow your heart, it will not lead you astray," they tell you.

Hmm....did they clarify whether that meant follow your heart's desire OR follow what your heart tells you to be right?

I cannot accept that we may justify going against everything we know to be right simply because we are chasing the elusive desires of our heart. And I certainly cannot believe we are in any position to determine which ones we deserve to capture.

But I'm not yet certain how to explain that, except to say that man's self-gratification, self-actualization or anything else involving the notion of "self" can never take precedence over what he knows to be fundamentally right.

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  1. Know, then, that self-actualization IS fundamentally right. If you find yourself gratified in the process, so much the better.

    If we are created with a purpose then surely self-actualization is key to fulfilling that purpose.

    In other words, "Be.. all that you can be.. get an ugly wife and a messed up life in the ARRRRRRMY!"