Sunday, May 20, 2007

What do you mean "connection"?

Ok, um, if you have to ask then it's probably a complete waste of time for me to attempt to explain as it is a concept that, if never experienced, can be damn near impossible to understand.

I should, in fact, be sleeping instead of allowing my mind to be bothered by the matter. The dogs are all laid out in the floor surrounding the couch where I recline, laptop perched against my thighs. Every now and then one will sigh heavily and cast a perturbed glance beneath drooping lids in my direction as if to say, "damn woman, at least turn the light off!"

*Gets up to turn off the light out of courtesy for the drowsy dogs*

Ok so what was I talking about? Oh yes, "connection" and how to explain it to those not fortunate enough to have experienced it.

I would like to use the term "soul mates", but find it to have become cheapened by card companies, jewelry stores and automatons who believe a round of IM e-smoochies qualify as a relationship. *rolls eyes*

So instead I will stick to the less-encumbered term "connection".

Mutual interests, shared goals, common bonds, etc. are hardly the makings of what I refer to as "connection". Anyone can have these things with any number of people, but the "connection" of which I speak exists on a much deeper level, often even with a lack of such superficial similarities as enjoying the same food, books or even adhering to the same religious doctrine. Certainly, these parallels can be helpful in establishing a relationship among friends or co-workers as similar interests often bind people through shared activities.

But no, a true "connection" lies much deeper, binding the very being of people.

I have often referred to it as that "follow you off the edge of the cliff" feeling and have recently heard it likened to going "batshit insane". It is simply because it can be no other way. It is not rational, nor logical, nor easily dismissed. It is thrilling and exhilarating and horribly frightening all at once. It is all-consuming, driving every other thought from your mind. It is a complete sharing of souls, which so nearly seem to merge that you can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins. It is looking into the very depths of each other's being and knowing instinctively what lies there. It somehow fulfills and completes you, even if you had no previous knowledge of being void. It is the bliss of sitting in silence, when words are no longer needed and the wonder of finding something closely akin to illumination in conversing for hours on end about everything and nothing at all. It is more than mere words can ever convey. It is eternal.

And it is nothing short of enchanting.

And if you cannot conceive of such, then I will surely pray you find it, for everyone should have that connection at least once in their lifetime although, once experienced, nothing else will ever compare or satisfy.

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